Sunday, July 5, 2020


PC gaming

Review – Let Them Come (PC)

It's nearly Halloween. It seems about time to really dig into the gore, guts and violence of gaming, and what better place to start...
One Punch Man A Hero Nobody Knows-TICGN

One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows Recieves More Characters

More characters have been announced for the upcoming One Punch Man game, that is slated to release in a few weeks. In this trailer,...

Get Ready for the First Ever Stadia Connect

After the reveal of Google's Stadia, many have wondered how much will the service cost? What games will be available at launch? What's the...

Steam Review: Conclusion-A Walk Through Tragedy

Alright, Conclusion is done and dusted. Conclusion itself is basically a very short walking simulator focused on the topic of alcoholism. Some of the...

Review: ABZÛ (Steam) – 2nd opinion

  This will be the second time ABZU has been reviewed on our site. To see the original, click here.  Introduction I’ve been looking forward to reviewing ABZÛ...

Get Stronghold HD Free On GOG Right Now

Looking for something to play before the new games are released? The fine folks over at GOG are giving two games for free. The...

Review: Sudden Strike 4 (Steam)

Introduction Sudden Strike wasn’t among the first RTS games I ever played, yet I hold it dear for another reason. It was the first strategic...
The Outer Worlds Epic Game Store

Control and The Outer Worlds Are Coming to the Epic Games...

The Epic Games store has been causing quite a stir in the PC gaming world as of the past few month's. Since its launch...

A New Rainbow Six Game Has Been Announced

An announcement that not many could have predicted even in their wildest E3 predictions. A brand new Rainbox Six game has been announced at...
World War Z

World War Z Receives New Trailer and Release Date

World War Z from Saber Interactive in partnership with Focus Home Interactive may be one of my most anticipated zombie games this year (next...