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FTC Documents Reveal Leak of Upcoming All-Digital Xbox Series X Refresh

“In 2024, Microsoft has ambitious plans to introduce a revamped version of its Xbox Series X console, featuring a completely redesigned look and a host of innovative features. This undisclosed project, codenamed “Brooklin,” unexpectedly surfaced in recent FTC v. Microsoft documents.

microsoft-v-ftc (1)

The forthcoming design of the Xbox Series X takes on a notably circular aesthetic departure from its predecessor, shedding its disc drive. Proprietary internal documents from Microsoft, intended to remain confidential, disclose some exciting enhancements, including a significant storage upgrade to 2TB (a leap from the previous 1TB), a front-facing USB-C port with power delivery capability, and the introduction of an entirely fresh and immersive controller.”


Microsoft is gearing up to unveil their latest controller, codenamed “Sebille. This innovative controller will come equipped with an accelerometer to enable gyro support. Featuring a striking two-tone color scheme, it’s designed to seamlessly connect with various platforms, offering direct compatibility with cloud gaming, Bluetooth 5.2, and an anticipated upgrade in the form of “Xbox Wireless 2” connectivity.

Microsoft’s specifications for the controller also highlight “precision haptic feedback” and the unique feature of “VCA haptics doubling as speakers.” Users can expect quieter button and thumbstick operations, along with the convenience of a rechargeable and swappable battery. The inclusion of modular thumbsticks allows for customization, and an intriguing feature lets you awaken the controller by simply lifting it.”



Within the upcoming Xbox Series X redesign, Microsoft is incorporating several notable enhancements. These include the integration of Wi-Fi 6E support and a Bluetooth 5.2 radio. Furthermore, the company is streamlining the existing die down to a 6nm process for improved efficiency. Microsoft’s documents also reveal a significant 15 percent reduction in the PSU (Power Supply Unit) power.

Despite these advancements, Microsoft remains committed to maintaining the competitive launch price of $499 for the Xbox Series X.

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