For The Fans By The Fans


My name is Mikiyah Bluestorm I have been with the TiCgamesnetwork since the company started in 2015. I started with the company being the website administrator. During my time with Tic, I never wanted to be a podcaster or a YouTuber I just wanted to do IT and business things so I set back and did just that. Now we are here 2020 and I was debating on leaving tic because the journey of was getting hard COVID hit this year and I watched everything. We work for started to go on the downtrend. Are youtube channel got taken down are podcasters are now forced to do homeschooling with there children and no longer can put the time into what we built. So I set back and thought about what is our Mission statement was For The Fans By The Fans. I was setting back thinking about it all I forgot I am a fan of gaming. I got into this because I was a fan of our work and others’ work. I meet KalEl when I was 15 years old He helped me get a job at GameStop when the Manager at the store didn’t want to hire me. I kept showing up at this store every day and selling when I was not an employee for the company eventually I got hired.
So now its time for me to press continue on this game.
For the fans by the fans.