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Velocity 2X Review

When it comes to indie games, it’s been a hit and miss with how good they usually are. Limbo and Child of Light on Xbox One set the standard, and Velocity 2X destroyed that standard with a laser cannon mounted on your space craft. Velocity 2X landed on Xbox One and PC on the 19th of August too much fanfare. The game from FuturLab and Sierra Games incorporates the 2D platformer and the top down camera angle to give you one of the┬ámost memorable experiences this generation. Velocity 2X certainly holds its own against games like Super Mario and Battletoads and makes mince out of any other platform game currently vying for your money in the indie store.


The graphics on Velocity 2X is stunning. Clear and beautifully designed they pop off your display. Cut scenes are still images but each one of them can be saved as your background since they’re so immaculately conceived and designed. Velocity 2X reminds me of the animated style of Assassins Creed China Chronicles, but way more colourful and fast paced.

Although it’s not the best graphics you can get on next-gen, it’s certainly not iDarb. The graphics certainly hold its own and will keep your eyes gushing rainbows each level you traverse.


Game sound and music have always been a sticking point for me. For each Halo there’s always a Forza which disappoints with the meh background music. Velocity 2X takes the electronic music your little brother listened to in 1998 and makes it sound way more sci-fi. You’ll be blowing through the Vokh in-game with some electronic beats blasting through your speakers. It certainly adds to the fast paced nature of the game and in my opinion is completely on point. Nobody wants to speed run through a level collecting crystals listening to Cher.

The only sound effect I have an issue though is the character effects. Whenever she jumps or dies it sounds like a muffled autotuned effect that you can confuse for a Borg having an orgasm. I would like them to make it a bit more high-definition, but it certainly does not detract from the overall experience.


As far as stories go this is pretty basic. You play as Ltd. Kai Tana who through some set of events were captured by an alien civilization and were tasked with saving an alien race from annihilation while attempting to get back home. As you progress through the game you save stranded scientists who are being held prisoner in pods. You also collect crystals to power your weapons, however I haven’t ever run out of crystals so I don’t think it really has any effect on the game other than to add something you can collect while running through any particular level. The story is told through animated comic style still pictures and fits perfectly in with the style of the game. I would have loved voice acting mainly because I hate reading while I’m trying to see things.


Gameplay is a mix of Battletoads and Space Invaders dropped in a pile of ecstasy. You’ll find yourself attempting to traverse levels faster and faster as you go along. Critical Urgency missions require you to speed run through each level. When you finish every level you’re graded by the game, and there’s nothing more unsatisfying than seeing a bronze medallion, which pushes you to go back and do it again. I managed to speed run through a few levels to unlock some achievements and this game will appease both the casual gamer and the hardcore gamer who must through some set of events unlock a gold medal on every level. I found myself replaying every level to unlock a better score because my alter ego seems to snicker in the corner when I finish with a bronze.

The game is exceptionally fun and will keep you busy for hours. Even the credits are a mini game in itself and you’ll unlock achievements if you happen to shoot through enough of the credits. It’s oddly satisfying shooting through those names, because who needs credits.

The game includes all the DLC released on PS4 which is a great deal if you think about it. Each of these add ons are already installed and will add several hours to your gameplay. You can even compete with other gamers Call of Duty style if you think you happen to be the fastest cat on the block. It adds an iDARB type of competitive gameplay to see how fast you can move those fingers. I bet the new Elite Xbox One controller will certainly help in this case.


Is this game worth the $19 price tag? Absolutely. Games are meant to be fun, challenging and give you content that will keep you entertained for hours while adding additional challenges you can work through as you improve your skills. Velocity 2X won’t make you feel like you spent your money on a dud. If you can’t find yourself spending $19 on an indie title with games like Rare Replay going for the same price these days, I’d recommend you either wait for a price cut or digging into your back pocket for that change because this game needs to be played by every person that owns a next-gen system. Velocity 2X holds its own against the onslaught of AAA exclusives on Xbox One and certainly jumps to the top of the indie games pile. Velocity 2X is the best Indie game you can get, bar none.


David Whitaker
David Whitakerhttp://Ticgamesnetwork.com
I'm David Whitaker and I'm just a man who loves talking about the video game industry

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