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Nintendo released three new trailers for Dr. Mario World

Nintendo is planning to unleash three strains of viruses on the world of mobile devices next month and they just released three new trailers to warn you in advance. Don’t worry, Nintendo is not trying to infect your phone with malware. They just plan on letting mobile gamers try out Dr. Mario – one of the most iconic drop puzzle games after Tetris – on their own devices. The new game is called Dr. Mario World Tour and will be out on July 10th.

The three trailers are very short – about 16 seconds long each. They seem to be intended to introduce the world to the little viruses – Blue, Red and Yellow. You can watch them below.

Previous games from the Dr. Mario franchise have featured Mario as a playable character and recently Luigi has joined in with his own unique varieties of capsules. Dr. Mario World adds even more characters who have seemingly completed medical school such as Toad, Peach and even Bowser. My guess is that each character will have their own special abilities to deal with new obstacles that prevent you from popping those pesky little viruses.

In previous Dr. Mario games you had to toss pills into a bottle filled with viruses. If you match three specific colors (pills or viruses) you will clear out that particular chain. Dr. Mario World is a little different. This time the viruses (and some obstacles) are gathered at the top of the screen and the medicinal capsules appear at the bottom of the field and float towards the top. You still need to match three items of the same color but you will have a limited supply of capsules to clear the field.

The game will be available on iOS and Android devices but some countries – particularly in Europe – will see the game as an iOS exclusive. Hopefully the Android version of the game will make its way to those areas. Interestingly enough, the country of Belgium is notably absent from the list of countries that will get the game. Belgium recently banned video games with “pay to win” mechanics and Nintendo’s other new mobile game, Mario Kart Tour, will not be released there either. In Dr. Mario World your gameplay will be limited by a stamina meter represented by hearts. You will be able to purchase diamonds with real world currency. These diamonds will help to refill your stamina meter or buy special medicine pills to use in tougher levels.

Jason Mckendricks
Jason Mckendrickshttp://Ticgamesnetwork.com
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