Is this the new Nintendo Switch Mini?

Nintendo has been said to be hard at work on new models of the Switch, their insanely popular hybrid console. Even The Wall Street Journal has reported that production of two new Switch models has already begun. Despite all of this, Nintendo has not acknowledged any new iterations of the Switch and even went so far as to deny there would be a new hardware announcement at E3 this year (which turned out to be true). Even so, it appears that the existence of a cheaper and more portable version of the console known as the Switch Mini may exist and be fairly close to release.

A company known as Honson has a product listing for a clear protective case designed for the Nintedo (sic) Switch Mini. You can take a look at the listing for yourself here. There are also listings for a variety of carry cases for the Switch Mini but this clear case has us intrigued because it has a completely different mock-up of the console than any other product on their website. Here is a look at the mock-up:

It looks a lot like a current Nintendo Switch except that the JoyCon controllers are integrated into the casing and are not removable. It also appears to be smaller and lacks the ability to connect to a dock. One of the new Switch models thought to be in production would have been a cheaper and more portable version of the console and this mock-up seems to reflect that. If Honson was able to design a case for the system then they must have received design specifications in order to provide cutouts in the case that line up with the ports on the Switch Mini.

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Source: Ryan Craddock via Nintendo Life

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