Four new games to be added to Xbox Game Pass

By now we should come to expect that the folks who manage the Xbox Game Pass service like to surprise us with additional game announcements in the second half of any given month and June is no exception. Four more games will be added to Xbox Game Pass very soon according to an announcement made via Twitter. You can see the announcement from the official Xbox Game Pass Twitter account below:

Starting on Thursday, June 20th you can shake it up with the undead in Resident Evil: Revelations. After that you can explore thirty years of Rare’s history with Rare Replay. That includes thirty games ranging from the early 80s all the way to the Xbox 360 era. Let me warn you now, some of those older games are tough. I still have painful flashbacks of trying to beat Battletoads. Safe to say you will be at it for a long time.

On June 27th Torment: Tides of Numera and the hilarious (and ridiculous) Goat Simulator will be added to the Game Pass library. Just watch what you lick in Goat Simulator

As end of the month additions go, that list is not too shabby. What do you think? Let us know which of those games you will be playing as we close out the month of June. As for myself, I am going to play Torment: Tides of Numera. I love those isometric RPGs and Planescape: Torment was an amazing game back in the day. Did any of you take advantage of the Game Pass Ultimate deal for just $1? We would love to know.

Be sure to check back with the Inner Circle so we can tell you about the Game Pass titles that will be added during the month of July as well as your monthly Games with Gold selections.

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