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How Microsoft is preventing Halo 5 from becoming a Meme

We all know multiplayer games can quickly become the bud of the joke on social media once a glitch have been found, games like Call of Duty and Battlefield are great examples of this. Microsoft wants to avoid game breaking and downright funny glitches from appearing in their flagship blockbuster game this year. We already had a preview which ran exceptionally well, but Microsoft noticed a few strange occurrences during the beta last January.

By using cutting edge real-time coding analytics, Microsoft can proactively spot these glitches and fix them. During the Beta, Microsoft was watching everyone play their game and picked up how quickly certain rare medals were awarded. Trill, the temporal in memory data processing engine analyses every line of code in real-time which is a ground breaking technology.

During the Halo 5 Beta, they spotted and fixed one such glitch which awarded players a very rare medal. The medal which is awarded when you throw a grenade onto a weapon that shoots it into the air, then you have to catch; it was awarded every 15 minutes. Microsoft fixed this glitch during the beta which goes to show how amazing the tools are which game developers have at their disposal these days.

You can watch the interview above as they explain this ground breaking technology.

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