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Confirmed! Bayonetta hitting Xbox One Soon

When Microsoft announced Backwards Compatibility, all Xbox One owners jumped for joy because now we could play all our favorites on the Xbox 360 on our next generation systems. Microsoft announced at Gamescom that they will have 100 titles ready to play when Backwards Compatibility exits Preview this November.

Engadget Japan, has now revealed that Platinum Games will make the Xbox 360 smash hit Bayonetta available on Backwards Compatibility soon, although exact dates haven’t been given. We have still to get the definitive list from Microsoft for the first batch of games, but even if it’s not included, it should hit shortly after as Microsoft have confirmed that they will continue to add playable games to the list every month.

Bayonetta was originally launched on Xbox 360 before getting a release on WiiU last year. The game was universally lauded, and it’s sequel was only on WiiU which got universal praise as one of the best games released on console last year. Xbox One owners will get the next best thing, by playing the original game.


David Whitaker
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