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10 Reasons why the Infamous Franchise is an Underrated Gem

The Infamous franchise is an action-adventure game created by Sucker Punch Production and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. The Infamous franchise is one of the few games that allows the player to use destructive powers in a good or evil way. The game was originally released on the Playstation 3 way back in 2009.

Top 10 reasons why Infamous franchise is an Underrated Gem

1:The amount of unique powers you as the player can play with are amazing. Some of the unique powers you can use in the game are smoke, neon, and a few more that you can discover yourself.

noun tap


2:The Infamous series is known for having a karma system (good vs evil). But there is a difference between being the good guy vs the bad guy, and both come with its own perks. You actually see the changes your character but also the world you play in undergo between good and evil choices.


3:The amount of detail that is in Infamous is just amazing. The fact you can see and wear a different jacket logo, with either the good side winning or the bad side is a nice touch.

infamous second son attention to details tic games

The world-building is very creative but also realistic. It’s very easy to believe that such a world could exist, and it makes you think if such a world exists which side of the coin you would be on?

Infamous gives you the option of either using your powers for good or using your powers for evil. If you choose the side of good this would enable you to have less destructive powers, but your actions are good. If you choose evil your powers will be destructive.

Infamous second son seattle tic games

5: Your friends are important. And each one of them gives you the ability to use his or her power. The dynamic between you the main character, and your friends are very funny and also in times touching. Would you rather save them or corrupt them? The choice is all yours.


6: The world you play in is something futuristic. The buildings you climb are really designed specifically for your play style. If you like to use the neon powers, then you can sprint very fast and almost fly. If you’re into smoke more, then you can use the red vents to climb up a building faster.


7: Choosing between good and bad karma gives you different abilities, and allows you to use your ultimate move that does quite a lot of damage.

It does take time to recharge, but there are ways to make it recharge faster. I
do not want to spoil everything, but here are some of the skills you can use: smoke, grenades, smoke rockets, laser and angles/demons.

8: The villain’s motives are very interesting and it’s up to you to decide if you agree with them more or you think that he/she is wrong and needs to be stopped.

9: The One Piece anime and the Infamous franchise have the same powers for the most part. The same effects exist in one piece as well infamous. One example is the smoke ability. They are almost the same effect being that smoke allows bullets to go through you.

10: Everything that was stated above is for just one game in the series. Expect crazier powers and the ability to freely experiment with them when it comes to the Infamous franchise.

I can’t wait for the readers to try out Infamous and go all out with their creativity.

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