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Young Robin, played by Eli Snyder, to appear in Batman vs Superman?



The Batman v.s. Superman set seems pretty vested in keeping secrets in house as far as the casting and plot of the movie is concerned. So, when rumours circulated yesterday that Zack Snyder’s son would be playing Robin in the film, you would be foolish not to take it with a very big grain of salt.

Basically, you remember the graffiti covered Robin costume from the last trailer (Check the above featured image if you can’t)? According to Heroic Hollywood, not only will Robin definitely be dead in this ‘cinematic’ continuity but, Robin’s death will appear in the movie as a flashback. Director Zack Snyder is also, if the source is correct, drafting in his son to play this Robin (be it Jason Todd or Dick Grayson).

In the first trailer for the film, many suspected that the grave in front of which Bruce Wayne is standing in one shot, is in fact the grave of Dick Grayson (The first Robin). This would in theory then have meant that after Grayson’s death Batman never took on any further sidekicks.

Eli Snyder has had roles in a number of his father’s films including 300, Watchmen and Sucker Punch.

Batman v.s Superman: Dawn of Justice will release March 25th next year and, for all your movie, TV and gaming news stick right here on TiCGN.


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