If you ordered an Xbox One X console you will be glad to know that you won’t need to spend your entire launch day downloading 4K texture packs for your favorite games. Microsoft has confirmed that there will be a tool that lets you download those texture packs to your current Xbox One or Xbox One S console and transfer them to your Xbox One X when it arrives.

You will have two options for transferring the 4K texture packs to your Xbox One X. The first will involve an external hard drive. Simply move the games and their texture packs to the external hard drive and plug it into the Xbox One X.

Your other choice is to download the texture packs to your current console and send them to the Xbox One X wirelessly over your home WiFi network.

Check out David’s list of over 100 Xbox One games that will be enhanced with HDR, 4K graphics or other benefits on the Xbox One X. If you own any games on that list then you might want to get ready to download those patch files.

This is welcome news as some of those texture packs are over 100GB in size. I know that I will be downloading these packs to my external drive so I can spend launch day playing games on my Xbox One X.