Xbox Revenues Up 27% In Q4 2015; Surface Sees Solid Growth

While Microsoft posted a hefty loss largely due to writing off the approximately¬† $7.5 billion Nokia takeover, the division that houses the Xbox gaming business had some good news to share. The division’s revenues are up 27% which Microsoft says are due to, “strong growth in consoles, Xbox Live transactions and first party games.” While Microsoft has combined total sales numbers for the Xbox 360 and Xbox One, it would be a safe bet to say that the Xbox One is the console that saw the most growth for Microsoft.

Xbox revenues went up $86 million when compared to the same quarter last year. Microsoft reports that the increase is due to more consoles being sold though the total profit was impacted by pricing strategies. Revenues from Xbox Live transactions $205 million driven by more users and increased spending which suggests digital game sales are healthy on Xbox One.

Microsoft’s Surface tablets also showed promising growth. Quarterly revenues from Surface are up by $888 million and yearly revenues are up $3.6 billion which is a 65% increase from the 2014 fiscal year.


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