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Watch the trailer for Transformers: War for Cybertron Siege

The fine folks over at Netflix quietly dropped the first trailer for Transformers: War for Cybertron Siege at the New York Toy Fair and on their official YouTube channel today and it looks fantastic. You can check out the trailer for yourself here:

The show is set on the Transformers homeworld of Cybertron which has been ravaged by the struggle between the Autobot and Decepticon armies. Sadly, famed voice actor Peter Cullen will not reprise his role as Optimus Prime in War for Cybertron: Siege. That role will instead be voiced by Jake Foushee who protrayed the character in Transformers: Cyberverse while Jason Marnocha (Shenmue III) will play Megatron.

The character models are obviously based on the designs from the recent toylines which in turn seem to be heavily influenced by the old Generation 1 cartoon designs.

War for Cybertron: Siege will consist of six episodes and each will have a runtime of 22 minutes. The entire series will serve as the first chapter for an animated Transformers trilogy. As you might have guessed, the second chapter of the trilogy will be subtitled Earthrise – the name of the recently launched toyline that is now appearing on toy shelves. We do not yet know what the name of the final chapter in the Ear for Cybertron trilogy will be.

In addition to Optimus Prime and Megatron, you can expect to see lots of your old favorites such as Starscream and Soundwave on the Decepticon side. The Autobots boast warrior like Ultra Magnus, Cliffjumper, Wheeljack and Elita-1.

No release date for War for Cybertron: Siege has been announced as of this writing. Don’t worry, The Inner Circle will be sure to let you know when the latest series in the Transformers saga will debut.

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