Watch The Minecraft Cross-Play Trailer

The Bedrock update for the Nintendo Switch version of Minecraft is now available and with it comes some great new features. For one thing, players on Nintendo Switch can now access the Minecraft Marketplace and purchase texture packs, character skins or even check out creations made by their fellow gamers. The Switch version of the game now has Xbox Live achievements – this is the first time they are available on a competing video game console. Finally, the most exciting feature from the Bedrock update enables cross-play between the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PC and mobile versions of the game. You may have noticed that one popular console is missing from the list of cross-play platforms. That’s because Sony continues to block cross-play between the PS4 and competing video game consoles. Sony has been on the receiving end of quite a bit of criticism lately over their efforts to keep PS4 owners from playing games with their friends on Nintendo Switch or Xbox One; the heat was turned up last week when players discovered that they could not access their Fortnite accounts (and purchases) on Nintendo Switch if they had previously played the game on the PS4. The Bedrock update is free for current owners of the game on Switch. Those who want to purchase the game now will have to pay $30 USD.

On the other hand, Microsoft and Nintendo are apparently thrilled to play together. The two companies got together and produced a trailer showing off cross-play between the Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. The trailer shows two players enjoying Minecraft together while they and their characters are – not so subtly – wearing shirts that are colored Xbox Green and Switch Red. Check out the trailer for yourself:

Nintendo and Microsoft continued to celebrate their new status as besties with the Twitter conversation below:

How do you feel about cross-play in games like Rocket League, Fortnite and Minecraft?

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