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Tomb Raider, You’re Fine, Just the Way You Are

Although many gamers would argue that Rise of the Tomb Raider, should move it’s November 11, 2015 release date because it coincides with Fallout 4, I would argue that Microsoft should keep the date right where it is. And here is why.

If Microsoft wanted to have Tomb Raider shine it would get it out over November all together and place it in September or October. By moving it out a week in November it would compete with Star Wars Battlefront. I would understand if you disagree, but in the world of pop culture and general public awareness Star Wars ranks first, Tomb Raider second and Fallout third. Not to discredit gamers but Tomb Raider, similar to Halo and Call of Duty, has crossed into the mainstream and Lara Croft has become close to a household name. I do not want to upset Fallout fans as that franchise has a huge following and is very popular, but it is not as recognizable as Star Wars or even Tomb Raider outside of our walls.

In this regard, if you were committed to a holiday release you would put the Tomb Raider right in between the 2 most popular franchises Call of Duty and Star Wars. Now remember I am referring to the person who is not on forums, TiCGN.com, and other gaming websites. Yes for us it sucks that two great games we are eager to play come out on the same day. Yes this is rough on our wallets but it is usually during this time that Targets runs their buy 2 get one free deal (and other sales), which can make this a bit more tolerable. Knowing that this is the time retailers run many sales, it makes Tomb Raider being part of holiday sale season become a bit more effective instead of it releasing by itself in September or another month.

Therefore I feel that both games can exist on the same day. Although they both compete for the gamer’s dollar, the obvious reason they can coexist is that they are two different types of games. One is an open world RPG and the other is a scripted 3rd person adventure rpg.  Both games are falling in-between two multiplayer shooters, which I feel, both will be a refreshing escape from the shooter filled holiday.

Also I see gamers comparing this to Alan Wake and Red Dead Redemption where Alan Wake was devastated by sales due to RDR falling on the same release day. Here I would argue that this occurred in the Spring time, not during the holiday season when shoppers are typically spending a lot more money.  Alan Wake was a new exclusive IP, like Sunset Overdrive; it was not Tomb Raider, which has transcended into mainstream media with multiple movies, games etc for almost 20 years.

Phil Spenser has been promoting  “Giving the Gamers Options” and by offering exclusive content with Fallout 4 (and free Fallout 3) and Lara Croft next adventure to Xbox One gamers this holiday he is succeeding with giving us options. Everyone will buy what they want. And for me I will buy both. We as gamers can make the argument as we sit her in July, that the holidays are not safe for any game and are way overloaded with AAA games. But we all know that is the time when everyone is shopping and spending money. Tomb Raider is fine where it is and if Microsoft continues with the advertisements and marketing for Lara Croft’s next adventure, “Only on Xbox One” this holiday, the game will sell fine. It might not beat the multiplatform Fallout 4 in sales, but it will make waves in the holiday lineup for Xbox One.

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