EA and Respawn are about to release one of the most anticipated sequels in October, Titanfall 2. For the first time in franchise history it will also be available for the PlayStation 4. The previous game was only available to Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC and the game ran on Microsoft Azure servers. With Titanfall 2, EA and Respawn opted to use another server and are now giving everyone with an Xbox One and PlayStation 4 two free weekends to stress test the servers. Yes, we get to play the game early for two whole weekends! I’ve spent my Friday¬†night doing just that. Check out my initial impressions of how Titanfall 2 runs, core game-play. We understand that this is an alpha some things may change, I focused on the features and changes to the franchise that likely wont change in time for its big release. Honestly I’m a little worried, I was a huge fan of the first and thought the game only needed a few changes and a dedicated campaign. It’s only an alpha, ¬†but this alpha has a lot of things that the game didn’t need.

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