It’s a new year, so welcome back to the weekly Inner Circle Affiliate Spotlight. Every week we will be featuring a different creator from the program. The Inner Circle Affiliate program features our personal favorite podcasts that we believe represent what gaming is all about. Gaming is fun, friends, learning and just a little bit of rivalry mixed all together. That being said check out our featured creators today. In this entry, we’re going to check out The Original Next Level Gaming.

The Original Next Level Gaming

In the latest episode, the NLG cast tackles the talk of Xbox 2018. How did Xbox do against its competition? Find out as the cast is joined by Southbound110 and our very own Samuel Tolbert. Check out the episode and give it a listen, you will quickly be immersed in great game talk, mixed with humor and informative talk.

Part 1

Part 2

You can catch NLG every Friday night on their Twitch channel at 930pm EST. For their latest updates and upcoming guests be sure to follow them on Twitter.

Thanks for checking out another episode of our affiliate spotlight. Catch next weeks feature sooner than you think, as it will be live Monday afternoon, so stay tuned.