Developer Bioware has released a very helpful video regarding Anthem. In this first of many videos players get to see a glimpse into the game’s world. I won’t bore you with my words describing the video. So watch it and let us know how you feel about Anthem in the comments section below.

The video is extremely helpful as it answers some of the questions I had about layouts. The characters progression can be seen as similar to that of the Destiny series. From playing the game I can say that should probably be about the only thing comparable to Destiny 2.  The video does give us a little more of the story of the game. The Dominion and other elements are what you will be fighting against.

Anthem is coming out on February 22nd on the Xbox One, PS4, and PC. Players will be able to enjoy a VIP Demo if you pre-ordered the game, became a member of Origin and EA Access. The demo will start on January 25th and end on the 27th. Players who participate in the demo will get an in-game item showing off how they where first to play.