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The evil Ravana joins Smite

The latest addition to Smite’s roster of gods is the Hindu god, Ravana.

Ravana is a combo based character; his moves include “Chain of Blows,” “Prana Onslaught,” “Overhead Kick,” “10-Hand Shadow Fist” and “Mystic Rush.”

When asked about what elements of Ravana’s lore they wanted to include, Smite developer Hi-Rez Studios had this to say: “There were two main elements of his lore that we wanted to bring into his kit. The first was that, in his lore, he’s invulnerable. You can see that come out both in his shield on his ult and the burst evasion on his kick. The second was this dichotomy between disciplined monk and his demonic heritage. Out artists did a really cool job of bringing out his extra arms on his root and the extra heads on his passive, as well as his backing animation.”

They go on to talk about what Ravana brings to the table game-play wise: “Feel-wise, he’s our first martial artist. He’s got this body-builder physique and he’s very visceral with his punches, kicks, and combos. Speaking mechanically, I was looking to add a character you could pick into to help deal with enemy burst damage dealers.”

Hi-Rez also expects Ravana to do well against low mobility gods, such as Poseidon, but fare poorly against good pushers like Hercules.

Ravana is out now for Smite. Smite is free to play on Xbox One & PC.

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