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Even More ID@Xbox E3 Reveals Part 3

Super Rude Bear Resurrection

Super Rude Bear Resurrection, by AlexRoseGames, comes straight from the “masocore” school of platforming, in where you absolutely WILL die repeatedly but with the counter balance of infinite lives. However, Super Rude Bear Rusurrection approaches it in a new way that sees a dead body remain where you fell. Fail again and a second will appear and so on and so on. As a result, spike traps can potentially be navigated by using your previous corpses as platforms, and bodies can pile up to such a degree that you can effectively use them as makeshift stairs.

With masocore titles such as I Wanna Be The Guy being such popular titles for certain Twitch casters and Youtubers and the fresh way in which it approaches the genre, Super Rude Bear Resurrection lends itself to speed run play and that push towards zero death completion.


Running through a dynamic gauntlet of an obstacle course is the aim for almost everybody in Torque Studios’ Glitchrunners. Local multiplayer options will allow up to 4 plays to assume the role of a Glitchrunner, as they break into abandoned videogames in an attempt to steal the World’s most precious resource, the Powercube.

A final player will assume the role of the Architect, whose sole aim is to protect the game worlds by any means necessary. This can be done in a number of ways, including collapsing structures and throwing a whole variety of objects at the runners via second screen Smart Glass.

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing

Well received 2013 PC title, The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing (from Neocore Games), is set for an Xbox One port.

Players assume control of the young Van Helsing, who is assisted by Katarina (the spirit of a former noblewoman), or up to 3 other friends via cooperative multiplayer. In a twist from the norm, Van Helsing heads to Borgovia to help the vampire lords and werewolf clans, now under the threat of of a “Frankenstein-like” mad scientist that intends to bring in a new age of enlightenment.

Neocore’s action RPG comes with an in-depth skill tree, character customization and even the ability to upgrade your base and protect it with a similar tower defense gameplay mechanic to the one that formed the basis of Neocore’s other ID@Xbox title, Deathtrap.

Planet of the Eyes

Toronto based developers Cococucumber have announced that their action-puzzle platformer, Planet of the Eyes, will be arriving on Xbox One.

In an interview with Vanessa Chia, co-founder of Cococucumber, she outlined the tone of the game: “Ever felt like the world is out to get you? Re-live your misfortune over and over again as an unlucky robot who has crash-landed on a mysterious planet in a distant galaxy.”

Unashamedly retro inspired (even the robot you control has a head inspired by a vintage polaroid camera), Planet of the Eyes appears to capture a classic sci-fi b movie vibe as backdrop to a game that promises physics based puzzles and challenging platforming. It even goes so far as to reward mistakes by making the 12 unique types of death “fun.”

Planet of the Eyes is set for a late 2015 release.

Leo’s Fortune

2014 iOS platformer, Leo’s Fortune (by 1337 & Senri), is a physics based platform puzzler where you control the mustachioed, fluffy ball “Leopold” on a quest to recover his stolen gold coins.

The game takes place over 24 beautifully hand-crafted levels, each with a 3 gold star rating based on how often you died, the duration of time spent and the amount of coins collected per level. The obstacles themselves are also varied, ranging from Sonic the Hedgehog style loops and momentum sections, to controlled gliding and the manipulation of mechanisms.


Garage 227’s side scrolling platformer, Shiny, is all about efficiency. Assuming the role of Kramer 227, a robot with a limited amount of energy, players will need to traverse the world, collecting energy as they go in order to keep progressing. Learn from your mistakes, shave vital seconds off of your route and try to survive as you traverse each level.

Shiny is due for release in 2016.

Ostrich Island: Escape From Paradise

Part platformer, part RPG, part 3D adventure title, Ostrich Island: Escape From Paradise (by one man development team MeDungeon) is a title built around collection and exploration. You can collect ostrich eggs, find treasure chests and more while navigating many islands and the ocean depths, solo or with a friend. With integrated leaderboards for the competitive, plenty of customization and even a New Game+ mode, will you want to escape?


Inspired by childhood fears and nightmares, the action adventure title, Hush – Into the Darkness from GS78 arrives soon. Assuming the role of Ashlyn, a girl locked up in an abandoned orphanage, you will need to help her overcome her fears by utilizing her toys to reveal the orphanage’s secrets and escape.

With traditional, cartoon styling and a soundtrack that is purposefully there to compliment and enhance the gameplay, Hush seems to be aiming for a foreboding atmosphere that encapsulates childlike fear and the wonder of the unknown.

Neon Chrome

Top down shooter from developer 10tons, Neon Chrome, is a fast-paced cyberpunk set in the neon-lit future. Laden with automatic weaponry and cybernetic enhancements, Neon Chrome takes place in huge part procedurally, small part pre-designed locations, resulting in a need to adapt your approach, in order to stay safe.

Neon Chrome is set for a late 2015 release.

The Deer God

Crescent Moon Games’ 3D pixel art adventure, The Deer God, is a procedurally generated title that puts you in the shoes (or is it hooves?) of a deer. This is a game about survival, reincarnation and karma; set in a unique, 3D, pixelated world with it’s own day and night cycle.

Interact and reincarnate into countless animals while tackling various quests on a journey through a dark storyline, full of puzzles to solve and statues to find. Said statues are used to upgrade your antlers, even to the point in which they can shoot fire. Yes you did, indeed, read that correctly.

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