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The breakdown and link to Suicide Squad trailer. First proper look at Joker and Harley.

So below is what is hopefully a working link to the leaked Suicide Squad trailer. In reality these things are taken down quickly so watch while you can! Underneath that will be a full breakdown and analysis so stick around for that and enjoy!

So, as David Ayer said, lots of leaked footage was drifting about on the internet after the filming that took place in Toronto, but that did not stop this video being filled with cool stuff. So let’s get started:

The opening shots of the trailer show Amanda Waller and two others having dinner. They are speaking about a new inmate that they found and we see a quick snap of a prison elevator opening. We then get the WB and DC logos clicking into place followed by Amanda Waller telling the man at the table that the place she put the criminals in question is complete in accessible. Very Dexter-like eating habits at the table with the other man talks about the possible abilities of some of the inmates. More shots of a possible dig expedition (although it’s hard to make out due to the quality of the footage) shown on screen as Waller confirms that some have abilities and speculates that Superman was some kind of a beacon for them all to creep from the shadows.

Now here is where you hear the crowd cheer as, whist Waller talks more about how she can make people do what she wants, we get our first look at Harley Quinn as played by Margot Robbie. She hangs from ribbons attached to the top of a square cage and eerie singing begins. Camera changes and we get a look at El Diablo lighting a cigar in a mirror and Deadshot (played by Will Smith) taking some anger out on some poor punch-bag.

Harley asks “Are you the devil?” and we get flashes of Floyd Lawton a.k.a Deashot with what one would guess is his daughter, gunfire and a christmas-y road. We hear someone say “All you need to know is you work for me”. It’s hard to say but you would guess this is Waller? Then Deadshot abseils off a building and someone in a rabbit hat fires off a gun (No, we mean in the video of course! Don’t worry it wasn’t a cosplayer in the crowd!).

A whole raft of images then follow of Enchantress submerged in a bathtub and the ‘team’ walking along a totally ruined road and inside of a building. You then hear:

Deadshot: “So that’s it, huh?”

“We’re the patsies?”

“Some kind of Suicide Squad?”

Again a cut to Deadshot standing next another team member saying “Let’s go save the world”, before we see Lawton embracing his daughter and then Harley giving a super sexy solo dance. Helicopters, a city (probably Gotham?), a really full on look at Killer Croc and Harley Quinn with her baseball bat, mimicking a shotgun. Lots of camera flashes of a riot, Deadshot holding a machine gun and Katana drawing her… well Katana?

Then we get Harley saying “You’re in so much trouble” as she licks a prison bar (most likely that of the Joker?). Cut to Katana stabbing herself, someone being strapped to a table, Harley fighting someone inside her cage and then her inside of Joker’s purple Lamborghini and a shot of Batman holding onto the roof.

We then see Harley smile and say “I hope you’ve got insurance.”

We get some more explosions, a helicopter crashing into a compound basement, Deadshot looking worried and Harley in the middle of a fight. Following up on this we get a quick snap of a scene between Captain Boomerang and Harley Quinn with him saying “You know what they say about the crazy ones,”

Then! The moment everyone held their breath and then promptly squealed for. We hear an eerie laugh coming from the screen and then We a partial shot of Jared Leto and then a flash of a doctors surgery light, and then, finally! A total, full-on look at Jared Leto’s Joker. He brandishes a pair of electrodes and tells his intended victim:

“I’m not gonna kill ya. I’m just gonna hurt ya, really, really bad, ”

Smile. Cut to Black.



What did you think? Have you changed your mind about Jared Leto’s Joker? Do you still think it’s not quite right? Hey maybe you always knew the film would be awesome!

Whatever you think comment below and let us know and for more TV, movie and gaming news stick here on TiCGN!


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