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Prototype Collection Heading to xbox One Next Week?





Another Remaster? Why can’t we just have prototype 3

It seems that both of Radical Entertainment’s Prototype games are on their way to Xbox One and PlayStation 4. At least, that’s what all the clues suggests.

Recently via twitter an eagle-eyed twitter user posted a link to Xbox the game page for Prototype 2 has gone live on the Xbox One marketplace. The page listing, which can only be found by going through the ‘featured challenges’ section, shows that the game is to be released on July 14th which is a Tuesday and from the achievements it also indicates that all the DLC that was previously released for the game back on the previous consoles will be included in this collection.


Prototype wasn’t exactly a critically acclaimed franchise in the last generation of consoles, so a remaster may seem a little odd if this does turn out to be true. However, this could also be a move by Activision to test the waters for a potential Prototype 3 but one thing for sure i highly doubt Activision will allow Xbox the rights for the prototype franchise to go Backwards compatible for xbox One, especially if this collection releases in the near future. Stay tuned for more information pertaining to these potential current-gen versions of Prototype and Prototype 2, because we’ll surely be keeping an eye on the story as it develops. For now, though, take a moment to let us know your thoughts.



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