Super Mario is Coming to Minecraft Next Week

Wii U owners of the popular block building game Minecraft will get new DLC next week: Super Mario Edition. Mario Mash Up will be making its way into the Wii U version of Minecraft on May 17th and is being released as a free download to the players. That means any current Minecraft player on the Wii U only has to download the DLC! Enjoy the trailer below.


For players that don’t have a copy of Minecraft on the Wii U the DLC will still be free, but there is a wait. After June 17th, Mario Mash Up will come with the retail version of Minecraft Wii U Edition, priced at $29.99. Look for over 40 characters from the world of Super Mario, a Mario themed texture pack, and 16 classic songs from Mario 64. How excited are you Nintendo fans? Let us know in the comment section below.

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