SteamWorld Dig Drills Its Way To Xbox One Today

Make sure that your lantern is fueled and you have enough water for your hydraulics because SteamWorld Dig is not available for Xbox One.

SteamWorld Dig is an action-adventure platformer with a Western theme in which you play a grizzled robot who has inherited a mine from an uncle who is said to have been lost inside. You will dig for precious metals and gems which you can sell in town and use the money to upgrade your robot’s equipment. The mine itself also contains several chambers which provide new abilities and gear such as a powerful drill and the Steam Punch. Dig deep enough and you may uncover the remnants of human civilization and the answer to your uncle’s fate.

SteamWorld Dig first appeared on the Nintendo 3DS and subsequently made its way to other platforms. The developer, Image & Form Games, is currently working on another game in the SteamWorld universe, a turn-based strategy game titled SteamWorld Heist.

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