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Star Wars Battlefront Beta To Be Playable Offline

In a move that is bound to please virtually everybody EA have announced via their Star Wars Battlefront website that the upcoming beta, yet to be dated, will be open to all across PC, Xbox One and PS4.

Beta modes will include a 40 player Walker Assault on the ice planet of Hoth seen in the E3 unveiling. Drop Zone on Sullust a 10 minute 8 vs 8 tactical mode where teams fight to claim airdropped pods. Also added to the mix is a newly announced Survival Mission mode in which players are stranded either alone or with a friend, playable via online co-op the much loved but often underutilized splitscreen offline couch co-op option.

While there is no solid date for the beta as yet the site still lists it’s availability as “Early October” so expect further news imminently.

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