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Spectra Races Onto Xbox One July 10th

Spectra is a title inspired by countless sources. A racer style inspired by the likes of F-Zero and Wipeout, music inspired by Chiptune and delivered by genre heavyweight Chipzel and a concept inspired by musical racer Audiosurf. All of this inspiration blends into a challenging, retro styled procedurally generated racer that test your reflexes to the extreme.

To the uninitiated Spectra sees you racing along ribbons of light in time with the music while dodging obstacles, collecting nodes that give you points and more importantly trying not to fall off of the track. Bonus points are awarded for how you race, such as bonus points for being airborne

The console revamp will come with graphical upgrades as well as a hardcore mode, you know, just incase levels that get faster as you go and are procedurally generated doesn’t sound daunting enough. Can you survive until the music stops? Find out on July 10th.

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