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Sony releases plans for 16 films including Jumanji remake, Resident Evil 6 and Passengers


Feel the need to schedule your Sony movie watching right through till 2017? Well I have the perfect thing for you. On Wednesday Sony Pictures slapped release dates onto no less than 16 different movies all in various stages of development. Amongst these we received conformation that a Jumanji remake is in the works. The full list is below:



A film that is undoubtedly positioned in order to launch an Oscar push, the picture will star Chris Pratt and Jenifer Lawrence in a Sci-Fi romance. Look out for this movie December 21, 2016.


Baby Driver

Directed by Edgar Wright, he of Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz fame, Baby Driver will hit cinemas March 17, 2017. The plot centres around a young getaway driver who is forced into working for a crime boss and takes part in a doomed heist.


Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

Ah, Resident Evil. The horror of your youth that refuses to die. The final(?) instalment in the series will go up onto the Silver Screen January 27, 2017. The movie will star Milla Jovovich and is written and directed by Paul W.S. Anderson.


The Dark Tower

The first instalment of the sci-fi franchise based on the novels by Steven King. January 13, 2017 is when you can get your first look at the movie and Nikolaj Arcel is set to direct.



An all-female Ghostbusters film, featuring Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, will be coming out July 15th, 2016. For some photos from the set of the movie click here.


The internet did not like this one. Sony have with this declared their intent to remake the 1995 classic Jumanji. Originally starring Robin Williams who tragically committed suicide last year the family film was at the time commended for its cutting edge special effects. The plot revolves around two boys who find a board game that turns out to be all too real. We hope that the remake can do justice by the original come December 25th, 2016.


All the dates released are listed below:

Money Monster – 4/8/16
The Shallows – 6/24/16
Ghostbusters – 7/15/16
Patient Zero – 9/2/16
The Magnificent Seven – 9/23/16
Underworld 5 – 10/21/16
Passengers – 12/21/16
Jumanji – 12/25/16
The Dark Tower – 1/13/17
Resident Evil 6 – 1/27/17
Bad Boys 3 – 2/17/17
Baby Driver – 3/17/17
Barbie – 6/2/17
Uncharted – 6/30/17
The Lamb – 12/8/17
Bad Boys 4 – 7/3/19


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