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The Sherlock special will be a spooky case


Tumblr will be breaking again this morning! The series producer for Sherlock, Steven Moffat, revealed yesterday that the Christmas special for the BBC’s hit show will be a ghost story. Well not exactly a ghost story but it will be very spooky. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Moffat also discussed the personality tweaks that accompany our favourite duo as they do their time travelling this Christmas.

“Ghost stories work better in a Victorian setting.” and Sherlock will be “a little more polished” along with a more “uptight” Watson. If you were hoping however for an explanation as to why the change of setting, you will likely be disappointed. Apparently no explanation will be given although that does with a bit of luck mean that the special will hit the ground running and waste no time getting into it.

Can’t wait? Well, No one says it better than the BBC themselves: “Sherlock will be coming soon …ish.”

Are you looking forward to the Sherlock Christmas special? For more TV, movie and gaming news stick right here on TiCGN!





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