Sigi: A Fart for Melusina (Switch) Review

Yeah, I hate the full title too. Still, it’s hard for me to ignore a 2D platformer that looks competent otherwise. Sigi seemed like it could be fun to kill time with, so it only made sense that I give it a go. I feel like it would have been better by default if it was just called Sigi and didn’t have any farts in it, but I digress.


The title protagonist, Sigi, discovers a singing mermaid while on his travels. Before he could get to know her better, though, he accidentally drives her away with a fart. He sets off on a quest to find her, and then rescue her from an evil green monster that looks a lot like Hulk Hogan.


Sigi consists of colorful pixel art reminiscent (but not too close) of the NES era. The characters are well-defined, and the scenery looks nice. Of course, the sixty frames per second framerate is always a plus for this kind of game. If anything, I’m not a fan of the forest/woods setting being the only type present in the game.


Yes, there are stock fart sounds in the sound design. And yes, the joke gets old rather quickly. Look past that, though, and you have some pretty nice chiptunes to listen to. The 8-Bit sounds and music are very well done, though that makes stuff like the end-level farts and boss monster grunts all the more jarring by not fitting in with those limitations.


There are twenty levels of running, jumping, and throwing projectiles. Although it borrows a bit from Ghosts ‘n Goblins, other elements are more like that of a mix between 2D Mario and Donkey Kong Country. Although plenty of spooky creatures will come to kill Sigi, there are collectibles to find and a variety of weapons you can chuck. There are two ways to get extra lives, as well. You could either collect 100 coins (with big coins worth multiple) or find all four S, I, G, and I letters in the level.

The mechanics are plenty of fun in practice, even going as far as to feature some secret areas here and there. The bosses can be a little bothersome with the way enemies spawn in, though. And with these twenty levels being fairly short, advanced platformer players can expect to breeze through it in maybe even under an hour.


Nonetheless, Sigi: A Fart for Melusina is a good time while it lasts. It offers a dose of satisfactory platforming for a mere $4.99, and the way the game keeps track of the percentage completed can motivate players to come back and look through it again. The briefness of each level also goes hand in hand with the portability of the Switch.

Review copy provided by Sometimes You

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