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[RUMOUR] Ben Affleck will be in three future solo Batman films


I hope you like Batman. You do? Well apparently Warner Bros do too. So, according to Den of Geek there was recently a screening of the full, rough cut for Batman v.s Superman: Dawn of Justice. The screening was for the film’s crew as well as a select number of Warner Bros Bosses. Now not only did the footage receive a “standing ovation” from viewers but, the Warner heads present were so impressed with Affleck as Batman that they have launched into talks with the actor/director for a three picture deal. This would mean that the DC universe will be built around the new Batman.

Director Zack Snyder has said previously that he will be drawing much inspiration from The Dark Knight Returns comic by Frank Miller. In the Frank Miller iteration, Batman was considerably older and had been retired for some years however, with Joker and Two face running amok the Dark Knight returned in a blaze of glory aided by a young female robin.

“Basically, Warners are now working their movie universe around Ben’s Batman,” our source says.

It’s also important to remember that: “It’s a near finished cut but not locked,”. These are all very promising signs however and it definitely looks as if Batman will be able to shed Nolan’s so-recent incarnation and become something very different.



Are you excited by the positive reception within Warner to the film? Are you happy to see a different take on the caped crusader next year? Do you want to see more Batman films? For more movie, TV and gaming news stick right here on TiCGN!

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