Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

Rumor: Xbox Game Pass Ultimate to Combine Xbox Live and Game Pass

It looks like Xbox users will soon have the option of combining Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass into one subscription. A tweet from @h0x0d, also known as WalkingCat, points to the existence of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. WalkingCat has previously been shown to have inside knowledge on different programs and information at Microsoft.

According to WalkingCat, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will cost $14.99 USD a month. providing a discount compared to subscribing to both services separately.

Here’s the tweet:

Additionally, Brad Sams from has reported on the existence of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, saying that “Later this year, and likely at E3 or possibly sooner, Microsoft will roll out GamePass Ultimate, a new SKU that combines Gold and GamePass for a reduced price.”

Xbox Game Pass has new games added every month, with one of the most recent additions being Minecraft. Microsoft is continuing to expand their services and with Project xCloud being publicly tested later this year, it makes sense to shore up on Game Pass and Xbox Live.

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