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RUMOR: Battletoads Leaked on the Xbox Store!?

There have been rumors of a new Battletoads for years now; they all stem from a new found interest in the series that Microsoft has. Microsft’s renewed the trademark, the series was featured prominently in Rare Replay and the ‘Toads had cameos in Shovel Knight/Killer Instinct. A new rumor has popped up that could lead to an imminent announcement.

A Twitter user has posted a picture of Battletoads appearing in the Xbox Store. The pictures shows a logo for the game that utilizes the series’s classic logo with a grittier art style as well as a description for the game. Eagle eyed people have spotted that the description is essentially the description for the ’90s Battletoads cartoon. There’s a couple explanations for this: it could be a placeholder, the game could be taking inspiration from said show or this leak is a fake. With such little information right now, it’s hard to tell if this is real.

If this is real, then this means Microsoft is getting ready to announce the game and have it up for pre-order. Microsoft has announced that they will have a big presence at this year’s San Diego Comic Con which is in a couple week, if they wanted to make a splash at the con then they could announce Battletoads there. Alternatively, GamesCom is next month and Microsoft could announce it there; Microsoft announced Rash’s appearance in Killer Instinct at last year’s Gamescom, so it would be fitting to announce a new game there too.

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