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Rumor: A New Spider Man Game Is Being Developed By Insomniac For The PS5

Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man

According to a Reddit post, Insomniac games are now working on a new Spider-Man game for the Playstation 5. However, that’s not all. The post is filled with all sorts of juicy pieces of information about our beloved web-slinger. For example, the game is going to have three all-new web-slinging mechanics. The first one is going to be physics-based and is called Realistic. As the name suggests, Realistic is going to allow you to focus on pure physics. The second mode is called Hybrid. From the post, it seems that Hybrid is meant for the people who loved the first game and want to play the sequel in a similar manner. As for the third mode, it’s going to be called Arcade and is meant to give you fake assists so it’s not going to be fully physics-based.

Eddie Brock, Carnage, And more

Villans – let’s talk about them, shall we? Harry Osborne is going to be playing a huge part in the second game. However, they might be going a different route then what they showed from that hidden ending. Harry is not going to be the only villain. Venom is going to be in the game as well as Carnage and even Mysterio.

Miles Morales could be someone you’re going to be playing with every now and then. At least that’s what the person from the Reddit post stated.

Utopianthrowaway90 is the name of the Redditor, and he seems to imply that they want Miles Morales to have more playable sections. And if that is not epic enough, it seems the next Spider-Man game is going to be focused again on single player action.

As for the story, it seems to be taking place a few months after the first game. It’s going to be in the winter so we are going to have snow. The game is supposed to be released sometime in 2021.


All of this information should be taken with a kilo of salt.

Source: Reddit




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