[amazon_link asins=’B01N8YOOQM,B00KAI3KW2,B01GW8VG7O,B074WPGYRF,B01IFE1XV2,B01LOMERGU,B01LPZM7VI’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’peterfaden-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’9c365a08-995f-11e7-a669-d5992d9025c4′]Digital Foundry has just revealed the details for Xbox One’s new Intelligent Delivery system to save hard drive space by removing unnecessary downloads for games. Some examples include the option to download only your specific language pack, remove level editors, etc…

This will also impact gamers who have limited bandwidth or data caps, providing a more positive effect on your service while also potentially reducing download times.

There is however far more to this and the video really breaks down the aspects to Intelligent Delivery quite well. I found it interesting and hope it paves the way for all console producers to adopt this type of technology to reduce download sizes.

Without further ado: