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Project Cars 2 now on Kickstarter

Earlier this year the release of Project Cars brought the promise of simulation racing to PC and Consoles too much fanfare. The crowd funded open source project sold 1 Million copies across all platforms since release and the developer Slightly Mad Studios revelled in their huge success. Since then the game have been marred by bugs and performance issues on Consoles and it left a rather sour taste in gamers mouths. It’s been a dream of many racing fans that someone would make a proper racer that competes with the best, in this case Forza Motorsport. The studio is aiming to add a offroad mode as well, something fans will love.

Fast forward to today and Slightly Mad Studios are back to their crowd funding ways and asking gamers and fans who supported them for more money. It’s kind of sad to see this happen after their massive success. It’s been a big trend from big developers to double dip the consumer. Shenmue 3 recently pushed out a Kickstarter asking for $10 Million to create the ‘game fans always wanted’, giving them rewards like a trial version of the game for $100. Kickstarter funded games have made a lot of news recently after failed projects and broken promises.

Project Cars is an open source game that is developed by the community that plays it. You can go and support the project right now. It is expected to release on PC, Xbox One, PS4 and the new Nintendo NX platform.

David Whitaker
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