Penny Punching Princess is Coming to the West for the Switch and PsVita.

Penny Punching Princess is making its way to the West for the Nintendo Switch and PS Vita. It will release in North America March 20, 2018 and March 23 for Europe.

This announcement comes from NIS during Anime Expo. There will be a Nintendo Switch limited edition that will come with a copy of the game, a Sebastian and Coin keychain, a credit card shaped 2Gb USB, along with the official soundtrack and last but not least, a collectors gold bar box.

This is currently up for pre order on NIS America’s website. Check out the trailer below for the upcoming game.


Penny Punching Princess is an Action RPG where money literally makes the world go round. Players can use money to bribe enemies to fight for you during battles. Players will also be able to set traps, but if all else fails you can always use your fist to get through opponents.

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