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New Star Wars Battlefront gameplay



Earlier, at EA’s press conference during Gamescom, we were shown a new game mode for Star Wars Battlefront called Fighter Squadron (It’s quite reminiscent of the N64 titleĀ Star Wars: Rogue Squadron). This mode is a twenty player dog fighting module where players can take control of various different types of ships, including hero units, such as the Millennium Falcon. Gameplay took place on the newly displayed planet called Sullust, a volcanic planet where the Imperials house and construct their war machines. Gamescom attendees will be allowed to try out the new game mode.

Also of note, during the conference, there was a point where what appear to be Shadow Storm Troopers made a very brief in-game appearance. I’m assuming that this hasn’t been seen during the game’s previous outings, so do with that what you will internet.

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