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Mummy Pinball (Switch) Review

Over these past few months, the folks at EnjoyUp Games have been gradually providing an alternative to Zen Pinball and Pinball Arcade by releasing tables of their own for $1.99 each. This is the fourth pinball table in the series and it is safe to say that by this point anyone that’s played these knows what to expect. It’s a solo table made with the same engine as the ones before it and an online leaderboard motivates you to get the highest score you can.


In a rather interesting move on EnjoyUp’s part, there are some visual effects in Mummy Pinball that can’t be replicated on actual cabinets. This makes it feel a tad closer to a Zen Pinball game while still being confined to a traditional layout that’s akin to Pinball Arcade. The mummy theme in general is nicely put together. The art is well displayed and the decorations add life to the table.


The music is there really to provide the atmosphere but it does work for the theme at hand. It feels more at home with the sacred vibes of a mummy’s tomb than a Jurassic forest. I kind of wish the sound effects changed up a bit for this table, though. Using the same sounds across each game can wane over time.


Mummy Pinball is a game where you knock a ball around a table with a pair of flippers. While that may be the most shocking revelation of the title, it’s evident that the developers have been listening to the criticisms of the previous games. There’s a more dynamic table layout this time around with a balanced set of slides and buttons to hit the ball against. You can also come across a few side objectives that help boost your score if you complete them.

Perhaps my favorite new addition to the series is that they finally added multiball. I don’t know what took them this long, but it’s so rewarding to activate! That said, I feel like the third flipper is kind of useless; I’ve never managed to do anything significant with it and ended up using the regular flippers instead – including for the ramp that’s perfectly within its range. I also think the formula of having two slides and a few bumpers hiding behind them is getting about as tired as the sound effects. If you want people to buy multiple tables, you’ll need to continue sprucing up the variety.


Nevertheless, the variety that is present makes this the strongest pinball game EnjoyUp has put out so far. There are ways I can picture them building up the fundamentals from here, and certain things remain somewhat rough around the edges, but it’s certainly an enjoyable and affordable game while it lasts. Give this one a shot if you’re looking for an extra dose of flipper ‘n ball.

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