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Minecraft to Help Xbox One in China

Minecraft has taken the western world by storm. The once little indie game has become one of the highest selling games of all-time and looks like it will stand the tests of time as one of gaming’s classics. Well, now Microsoft is looking into using the game to help the Xbox One out in China.

China has recently opened the doors for gaming to be legal in the country and the major gaming companies are trying to get a foothold in the country. But alas, their efforts haven’t been successful yet as both the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 are estimated to hit only 550,000 sales combined by the end of the 2015; that is not good for a country that has over a billion people in it.

However, Minecraft is already a proven hit in China with the PC version being a moderate success and the mobile version being one of the biggest hits on the Chinese mobile scene. So the question Microsoft faces now is whether or not Minecraft‘s Chinese popularity will push the Xbox One towards great success in the country.

This would most likely all depend on how Microsoft markets the game and console in China, as the country is still new to the idea of home consoles with PC & mobile being the most popular forms of gaming. If Microsoft could convince the Chinese people that the Xbox One version of Minecraft is worth purchasing a console for, then they could potentially win the country over and perhaps even gain a dominance in worldwide console sales.

This will definitely be an interesting series of events to follow for those who are interested in console sales. For all the latest on consoles sales stick around on TiCGN.

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