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Batman v.s Superman release date move explained


Today, Warner CEO Kevin Tsujihara spoke a little about the decision to move the release date of Batman v.s Superman: Dawn of Justice. Initially the film was scheduled for July 2015, however the studio agreed to push the film all the way back to May 2016 one would assume at the behest of director Zack Snyder. Unfortunately this led the movie into conflict with another major Hollywood blockbuster: Captain America: Civil War. Warner Bros. blinked first and shifted the date away again this time to March 25th, an action that would have been unthinkable 10 years ago (What with Captain America and Iron Man once having been thought of as B list characters).

We now have some more detail on precisely why the date made the first year-long leap. According to this CEO it was in order to ensure the high quality of the film. And this decision came at a cost with Warner Bros. having a comparatively empty schedule this year. Tsujihara was insistent that the final product had benefited: “But it was absolutely the right decision for the franchise, for DC and the movie.”

“It was a tough decision at the time because it was going to create a hole in 2015,”

The studio was also very concious of getting the DC Cinematic Universe off on the right foot. The previous (and technically first) entry Man of Steel was lukewarmly received by fans and critics, many citing the film’s dark tone to be out of sync with the character. Having seen the final product however Kevin Tsujihara and other Waner Bros bosses are sure that they made the right decisions.

 “Having seen the movie multiple times, and again last night, I’m extremely confident it was the right decision to make the movie better. And it’s so important for the studio to get the foundation right on DC.”

Batman v.s Superman: Dawn of Justice will release on the 25th of March, 2016. The film will then be followed by Suicide Squad in August and Wonder Woman and Justice League part 1 in 2017. For more movie, TV and gaming news stick right here on TiCGN!

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