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Microsoft and Ubitus Demonstrate World’s First HTML5 Cloud Gaming On Windows 10

With all of the news about Microsoft’s roll out of Windows 10 it might have been easy to miss the fact a big milestone in gaming was achieved today. Partnering with Ubitus, Microsoft demonstrated cloud game streaming to the Edge web browser found in Windows 10 devices at the ChinaJoy 2015 Expo in Shanghai, China.

The partnership between Microsoft and Ubitus is an interesting one. For those unfamiliar with Ubitus, the company provides cloud solutions for companies such as Samsung, LG, Yahoo!, and Verizon. Ubitus also streams content from notable game publishers such as Square Enix, Capcom, Electronic Arts, 2K, and WB Games. The company describes their cloud gaming solutions as the most flexible and scalable in the world.

The press release mentions developer tools from Microsoft that would enable developers to quickly develop games that could be hosted from an existing web based solution. Does this mean that an Xbox Cloud service similar to PlayStation Now is coming?

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