Life is Strange Comic Adaptation Coming This Year

Titan Comics has earned a name itself in the gaming community by adapting several popular franchises into comic books. The latest announcement from the publisher involves a partnership with Square Enix and the Life is Strange property. It seems that Arcadia Bay has another story to tell and you can expect to see some familiar faces.

The fine folks over at Titan Comics have released an image of a familiar place:

I don’t want to spoil anything for players who have not yet had a chance to try the game. If you have not yet played Life is Strange, please skip the rest of this article.


The comic mini-series will take place after the events of the first Life is Strange game. As you may recall, a tornado was about to destroy the town of Arcadia Bay and Max was faced with a difficult choice. She could choose to save the town by traveling back in time to that fateful day when she discovered her powers but Chloe would die. Or she could save Chloe but the town would be devastated by the tornado.

The comic will assume that Max chose to save Chloe instead. That is an interesting choice as it was the ending that was not as fleshed out in the game. Max will return in the comic and so will Chloe, of course.

Personally, I am not sure how I feel about this. Part of me believes that Max has told her story and she should move on. That said, I will be sure to check out the comic for myself and I am certain our new comic guru, Carlo, will have something to say about it as well.

No release date for the Life is Strange> comic series has been given but it is scheduled for later this year.

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