Leaked Zelda Wii U Art Image

Ahead of the Treehouse Live Event, Amazon has taken it upon themselves to leak a new art image of Link scaling a rock-face as you can see below.

zelda wii u amazon image - TiCGN

Hopefully this isn’t just some cool new art, but shows one of the many abilities Link will have in the final game. It also gives us a hint on what Nintendo plans to reveal gameplay wise at E3. Is Link getting his Nathan Drake on? Climbing walls, shimmying on ledges, and leaping from hold to hold? I sure hope so. While being able to climb up certain walls via vines and chain-link areas is nothing new to the Zelda series; being able to find walls with hand and foot holds and just start climbing as you please is (not as far as I can remember anyway and no, areas where it was just holes instead of a ladder don’t count).

It adds another dimension on the open world concept Nintendo is trying to push with the new Legend of Zelda. This just gets me more excited about what else Nintendo plans on putting in the game and I for one can’t wait to see what other secrets Nintendo will reveal at E3.

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