Killer Instinct Season 2 Runs At An Astonishing 90 Frames Per Second; Season 3 May Happen

Ask any Killer Instinct enthusiast what is the best feature of the Xbox One game and more than a few will point to its silky smooth gameplay. Even online matches are known to be virtually flawless and now we know why. Several interesting posts on Twitter from the game’s official account divulged several interesting details such as the fact that season 2 runs at a whopping 90 frames per second. To put that into context, the Forza Motorsport series is the fastest first party sim racer on any Generation 8 console and those games run at 60 frames per second while most open world games such as the Grand Theft Auto series run at 30 frames per second.



There has been a lot of exciting news for Killer Instinct fans over the last several weeks. The game will be headed to Windows 10 devices and will feature cross-buy and cross-play features. On August 4th the official soundtrack for Killer Instinct will be released and a physical release for season 2 will probably happen.

But will there be a third season of Killer Instinct? According to the developers, “Everything is possible.” This writer suspects a season 3 announcement will be made at Gamescom in August. Most of the game’s original characters have now joined the Xbox One version of the game so a third season is intriguing because it would consist almost entirely of new characters.

Finally, Killer Instinct was one of the highlights at EVO this year with one of the most epic comebacks in fighting game history. See for yourself below.

Image Source: GameSpot

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