We don’t have a Virtual Console yet on Nintendo Switch but the console is getting a dose of classics in another way. Nintendo and Hamster Corp. (who have been releasing Neo Geo games on the Switch) teamed up to release games from the former’s own arcade archives. As such, the games will be under a label known as “Arcade Archives”. The first game they’ll be releasing on Switch, Mario Bros., is coming as soon as September 27th.

Unlike their NES counterparts (despite how relatively faithful they may be), these are arcade-perfect re-releases. What will show up on the Switch is the real deal; no quarters are required. Interestingly, future releases of Nintendo’s arcade titles include the original Punch-Out and several games from the somewhat obscure “Vs.” lineup. These “Vs.” games include Balloon Fight, Ice Climber, Super Mario Bros., Pinball, and Clu Clu Land. These are not the exact same as the NES versions you may know and love. They are slightly more challenging and have subtle features not seen in the home console games. The Arcade Archive entries can also be played with single Joy-Cons so two people can play with one set. Are you ready to set a high score?

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