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Elite Dangerous Full Launch Coming October 6th

Launched alongside the E3 announcement of Xbox One’s early access Game Preview, Elite Dangerous is gearing up for it’s full release on October 6th.

The deep space ship based title is all about choice. A vast, seemingly limitless, amount of star systems with a wide array of star types, docking facilities to explore if you so wish and all while forging a career in mining, trade, piracy, smuggling, bounty hunting, or a mixture of as much or as little of that as you desire.

With the community controlled power play tug of war already in place, seeing spheres of influence adjust based on community input, the advertised CQC close quarter ship battle tournaments coming before the end of the year and full-fledged planetary surface exploration in the pipeline there is plenty to whet the appetite for both veteran game preview members and new players.

Speaking of Game Preview veterans, Frontier intend to repay the faith shown by those players in a couple of ways. On an AMA via Reddit last week CEO David Braben confirmed that Preview players would be getting an exclusive , currently unknown, reward as a thank you and that while progress will not be carrying over from Preview to full release, players can expect the value of their ships and modules to be deposited as a cash value into their in-game accounts, giving a welcome initial boost.

While the retail price of Elite Dangerous is yet to be announced it is expected to be higher than the Game Preview price ($30.99 via the US Store page, £24.99 in the UK) and players will “probably,” according to the AMA, be able to transfer their accounts in future between the PC and Xbox One versions.

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