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The Fantasticar We Almost Saw In Fant4stic And More!


It’s common knowledge now that the final view of Josh Trank’s Fant4stic we got was not what was originally intended. But after finger pointing, a terrible opening weekend and Disney pulling the plug on Trank directing the Boba Fett movie it looks like the storm, for the most part, has past.

Today, we got a look at early concept art for both the Fantasticar and H.E.R.B.I.E neither of which made it into the final cut of the film. Both have a homemade feel to them and it wouldn’t be far fetched to assume that these were both created by Reed Richards in childhood. In the Ultimate comics, from which the movie drew a lot of inspiration, the Fantasticar was built by Reed during his early years at the Baxter building in case he ever wanted to visit home.





Above are the two released images for H.E.R.B.I.E. In the comics he is a robot that aide the Fantastic Four about the Baxter Building. Made up of a football, legos and a car battery this definitely looks like something a child genius would make in his basement, no? The final picture also has a very Wall-e like feel and they’re both tremendously cute. We would love to know which you prefer so let us know in the comments!

Moving on to the Fantasticar designs we can see a similar homemade style. The concept art has varying degrees of alteration to the base car between the images but each version does sport a sweet pair of spikes at the front of the vehicle as well as four large jets instead of wheels. It’s also worth adding they looks as though they were meant to transform/fold out to a certain degree.


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Fant4stic released this summer in cinemas to universally poor reviews from critics. Well into pre-production there had been rumours of serious trouble on set stemming from the behaviour of director Josh Trank. This, among other things, then reportedly caused Fox to become nervous and eventually end up locking the director out of the editing room. Extensive overhauls of the script occurred and multiple scenes had to be re-shot. One of the scenes added in by the studio was the end battle which was cited by critics as the biggest (but by no means the only) problem with the movie.

Check out our review for Fant4stic here and if you would like to read more about the gossip from behind the scenes click here. For more movies, TV and gaming news stay up to date with TiCGN!

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