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Dedicated fan to pitch idea for new Star Trek TV series to Paramount


Good news for TV and Star Trek lovers! According to StarTrek.com, the creator of Star Trek: Uncharted Mike Gummelt will soon be pitching his idea for a new TV series based on the popular sci-fi. What’s even more impressive is that the man making the pitch is simply a huge Star Trek fan who has been gathering support for his idea on the internet for years.

The last Star Trek TV series was in 2005 with the 4 season Star Trek: Enterprise. It was well received by fans but views couldn’t be sustained and it was eventually cancelled. However with the revival of  Star Trek through J.J.Abrams’ new movies, a new TV series could well be viable. Paramount will most certainly be looking to attract in new and old fans with any new series and Uncharted may well be the perfect way to do this.

Mike Gummelt’s series boasts new technology, a new crew and, old and new species alike (The crew page shows old school favourites Andorians and of course Vulcans). It also seeks to bring Star Trek into the ‘modern era’, to do this there are several changes the creator made to his new USS Enterprise. Some of these changes include a smaller crew with a much more automated ship, new technology such as a Bioscanner implant, Holoprojector to replace the old style tablets and a revamped communicator capable of 3D image projection.

Now just because Paramount are interested in a pitch doesn’t in anyway mean that a new Star Trek series is guaranteed. It does however show that within Paramount Pictures there is still some interest in bring Star Trek back onto the small screen. A new series instead of a reboot would also perhaps be more welcome, as whilst a reboot of Next Generation or Voyager might seem in the short term like a safer bet commercially, the reality is that the media industry as a whole is starting to feel a bit stagnated with reboots popping out from behind every corner.

The creator of Star Trek: Uncharted has already written the script for a 2 hour long pilot as well as four subsequent episodes, all of which you can read here at your leisure.

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