Every week or two, Bend Studio is releasing new trailers, showing off different aspects of the world of Days Gone. This time around, Bend has released the Days Gone – World Video Series: Fighting to Survive trailer. In this trailer, they outline several different types of Freakers, how they behave, and more. There’s also some very interesting reveals, as a few new Freaker types make their appearance.

Check out the Days Gone – World Video Series: Fighting to Survive Trailer below

Swarmers, Newts, Screamers and Breakers. Those are the currently-known Freaker types, and that doesn’t count any animals like Wolves or Bears that have been infected with the virus. What else is lurking in this world? Are there other horrifically infected monstrosities we’ve yet to encounter?

For more information on Days Gone, you can check out the previous World Video Series trailers, which focus on the importance of your motorbike and the weather of the world. We’ll be sure to share any new trailers or big information on the game as it is released.

Days Gone will release on April 26th, 2019, exclusively for the PlayStation 4. If you’d like even more information on the game, you can check out my impressions from when I played it at E3 2018.